Shasta Spiritual Journeys is here to provide a service to those on the path of Joyful Remembrance.  Our intention is to provide a clear and loving connection to the many sacred gateway sites on and around Mount Shasta.

Mount Shasta is one of the seven sacred mountains of the world.  This beautiful paradise is very supportive for personal transformation and for the global transition that is occurring.

We are here to support all the realms, inner and outer to align in harmony with spirit, mind and most of all to our hearts.

Mount Shasta is a place where many of the leylines on the planet conjoin which is the circuitry of our planetary body.  The Mountain acts as a crystalline pyramid.  It brings the energies up and out so that when you are around the mountain you can experience the global energies and your own energies in your own Earth Body.

This is helpful for spiritual growth so we can see where we truly are on our path.  There is a transmission that is unique to this area.  The elementals are very powerful for they want to help in calibrating the physical body so that it can take in higher vibrations.

This is a very powerful place  to clear and align your energy bodies, so we are happy to be in service to all who show up to experience where the inner and outer temple truly become one in this sacred way.


We welcome all divine appointments!